China's future development trend of distribution transformer

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Along with our country energy-saving policy further, the State shall encourage the development of energy-saving, low noise, intelligent power distribution transformers. At present in the network operation of high energy consumption distribution transformer has not accorded with the development trend of the industry, Facing the technological upgrading, upgrading of the demand, the future will gradually be energy-saving, material-saving, environmental protection, low noise transformer is replaced.

In recent years our country power grid construction investment over power construction investment, adumbrative our country electrified wire netting construction backward problem, it will be improved. But to realize the balance between power, our country must improve the power transmission and distribution capabilities, and make the power size matching. Visible in the next few years, power grid construction and transformation of urban and rural power distribution network in China is still the primary task of electric power industry, distribution transformer market demand is expected to maintain strong growth.

 Energy saving type oil-immersed transformer

 Oil-immersed distribution transformer according to the loss of performance is divided into S9, S11, S13 series, compared with S11 series of the no-load loss of the transformer is twenty per lower than S9 series, S13 series transformer no-load loss ratio of S11 series low twenty five per. The China State Grid Corp has the widespread use of S11 series distribution transformer, And it is the city net to transform gradually S13 series, the next period of time S11, S13 series of oil-immersed distribution transformer will completely replace the existing in the operation of the S9 series.

  But with new technology, new material, new technology of production enterprises, the opportunities outweigh the challenges. At the national industrial policy and energy saving drive below, the industry scale small, technology R & D ability weak enterprises will be eliminated, with energy-saving, low noise, intelligent power distribution transformer product development and production capacity of enterprises will further expand market share, future market prospects.

  Amorphous alloy transformer

  Amorphous alloy transformer as energy and economy, its distinguishing feature is very low no-load loss. Only S9 series oil-immersed transformer twenty per, in line with the national industrial policy and the power energy saving requirements, it is the ideal distribution transformer energy saving effect, especially suitable for rural power grid load rate is low. Although the State Development and Reform Commission early in 2005 began to encourage and promote the amorphous alloy transformer, it is subject to the raw materials of the amorphous alloy strip production capacity constraints, China's amorphous alloy transformer has been used for mass production.

  At present in the network using amorphous alloy distribution transformer accounts for the proportion is only seven to eight per, nationwide only Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and other regions in large quantities using amorphous alloy transformer. With the continuous development of the market, raw material to restrict a problem can be solved, the next five to ten years amorphous alloy transformer will be a nationwide promotion. The market potential is tremendous. Transformer technology development surface of this aspect in our country begins to pay attention to, adumbrative also China's electrical equipment in new period.



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China's future development trend of distribution transformer

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China's future development trend of distribution transformer

This article was published on 2012/06/06